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From: Giovanni Farotto

Dear Visitor,

Jeff Herring says: "The more articles, the more traffic, the more money"

If you just had enough traffic, could you imagine how much more you'd be able to make? or how many subscribers you'd be able to mail out to?

Maybe you've tried several traffic generation methods with no success:

Spending hundreds even thousands of dollars on Pay-per-click without getting the return on investment you expected
Wasting time advertising using traffic exchange sites with poor responses
Spending money on banner advertising without getting the results you wanted
Learning everything you know about SEO and trying to "figure out" how to get your sites on the top of the search engines. One day your site is on the first page and the next it disappeared

And what about article marketing, then?

How much time did you spend sweating to write articles?
Did you feel like you didn't even know where to start?
Are you still struggling to figure out how it works while you see yourself entangled in doing it the wrong way?
Are you still targeting the wrong keywords that aren't bringing you any traffic?
Are you writing articles that get low or no click at all?
Do you feel like you are worrying about everything while you aren't getting any results?

It's painful and frustrating! I know. I was in the same boat until I found this reliable source of traffic.

Not only is it reliable, but it's highly targeted, builds quality backlinks for your sites and gives you a steady flow of visitors...

The secret sauce? Simple - Writing Articles + Submitting Articles + .....  

This is what you'll learn to do in this book "Article Marketing Power 2".

Many People Are Saying
"Article Marketing Doesn't Work"...

You Know What? IT'S TRUE!

I agree: article marketing doesn't work... all alone.

Most of the people I encounter on the forums out there are frustrated because they are not getting the results they are expecting from article marketing. Writing articles takes time, submitting articles takes even more time and they get just some clicks...

I know, it works like that, if you don't set up a strategy dedicated to work on the "marketing" side of article marketing. So called "online marketers" just send out their articles and that's all. What you need to do in order to get the most out of article marketing is what I'm gonna teach you in this book.

Here is what you're not gonna find in this book and why:

The  benefits of  article marketing (everybody knows that) 
Getting started with article marketing (just get started and submit) 
Rules you should follow when submitting your articles (read the submission guidelines) 

I could just copy anyone among the million of free reports out there to give you just this, saving my time and wasting yours...

Everybody already knows these things and they are not enough to make easy article marketing work for you the way it should.

I'm gonna reveal you the missing link
to all this theories 

You'll see how easy article marketing can be and how you can easily leverage it and make it a real traffic generation strategy

I wrote this book to help you get everything work together for your success.


Article Marketing Power 2

article marketing power - easy article marketing

In this special report you'll discover...

The 5 bare essentials you need to know about article marketing How to never run out of ideas for your articles How to effectively position your articles using the right keywords
A full set of 13 templates of attention grabbing headlines
How to definitely avoid writing an ineffective article body
The best tips on how to write an effective resource box
How to correctly submit your articles to promote your products/services
How to stop using your articles only once without getting "duplicate content penalized"
How to go viral with article marketing by marketing your articles

Today you're gonna get all you need to put an end to your lack of traffic, but you need to hurry, because the special deal you're going to see will not be available forever...

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I've only scratched the surface of what you'll gain from this report.

Just imagine how much time and money you'll save on advertising and promoting.

The strategies described in the book will generate pages working 24/7 for you generating traffic  while you keep growing your business and ultimately you'll end up having more time to enjoy the things love doing.

"Article Marketing Power is EXCELLENT! Very concise and informative, without the fluff. 

Magreth McGill,

Right now, you're probably asking "Why should I believe you?"

And this is a very legitimate question.

I was just like you, with no knowledge and I had to learn all the way through. Nowadays, my articles are the best source of traffic for my websites and I watched my views and clicks improve to levels I only dreamed of before.

If I did it, you can do it too... with the right tools if you get this.

Now, this is the main reason I bundled Article Marketing Power with this special bonus...


The Final Artcile Directories List

The Final Article Power Directories List

A complete and full list of active article directories
More than 170 articles directories
All the directories are classified according to their search engine rankings

Value: $7

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Now, I could have priced this 29 pages book 27$, which is less than 1$ per page, which would be fair for my writing work, I think.

But... you know, I'm a convinced promoter of the "moving the freeline". Why should you pay for a resource which, in a way or another, is going to help you make some money without paying for traffic?

So, I would like to give it away for free.

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To your success,

Giovanni farottoGiovanni farotto

P.S. : If you're still wondering if you should get inside, just STOP and fill in the form! I tell you for your own good!

P.P.S.: Well, you weren't be reading now if you weren't clearly dissatisfied with you current results, and you know better than anyone else that they will always stay the same if you don't change what you're doing....

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